“As a House Captain you get involved in promoting health and fitness at school. You get to be a role model to others and encourage everyone to participate.”
— Deontae  (Sharks House Captain 2017)

“Being part of the SRC gives you so many opportunities. It develops your public speaking and it is so much fun.”
— Emma  (SRC President 2017)

“Wagaman School is a great school with awesome subjects, awesome students and awesome teachers. It is a school where we play, learn and have fun.”
—  Sevastos Year 5

 “Wagaman is the absolute best because it has many friendly people and many amazing things to do.”
— Lizzie Year 2

“I think Wagaman is a good place to be because there are no bullies.”
— Ethan Year 2

“At Wagaman School people are very friendly. We encourage and include each other. Wagaman is also a very colourful school with positive messages throughout the school.”
— Year 6 student

“At Wagaman teachers are connected to their students.”
— Keszia Year 6

“The staff at Wagaman are definitely what make the school better. Our teachers really care about what you want and how you feel.”
— Katina Year 6