The student support team

Students at our school have access to additional support to address their individual learning needs. Our Special Education Teacher oversees these important programs and provides support for students in their classes. There is a variety of other staff employed to support the needs of our students. These include an Early Years Literacy Support Teacher, an Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker (AIEW), Teaching Assistants and Special Education Support Assistants.

Students with identified learning needs receive support in their learning. Each student with an identified need has an Educational Adjustment Plan (EAP) which outlines achievable goals and is developed in consultation with Student Support (Department of Education), the student’s teacher, Special Needs Support Teacher and parents. The EAP is monitored and reviewed during parent teacher interviews and reported on in Semester 1 and Semester 2 school reports.

Teacher assistants have been trained by speech pathologists to deliver speech and language programs. The speech and language programs provide students the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and articulation in a small group setting.